What is the easiest pet to take care of

What pet are you right for?

There’s a ton of websites out there asking the question what kind of pet is right for you?  But none of them ever seem to ask the question what kind of pet are you right for?

Yes, of course the animal has to fit into your lifestyle, but it’s important to remember that you have to fit into theirs as well. 

Their needs are often much simpler and less time-consuming than yours, but they are still just as important to the animal as yours are to you. 

So, what with Kazoo being all about happy pets and making tails wag, we thought we’d do something different and ask…



We dogs are social creatures and love to be loved, cuddled and feel like part of the family. But we’re also big fans of games, food and exercise. 

So, for us, the pawfect hooman is one that is going to be around a lot. With plenty of time for walkies, snuggles, games and fun. 

See, when you go away, we get sad. And when we get sad we can start to bark or chew on things. 

We also need space to run around in and do our doggy business. So, if you have a garden that’s a big bone-us. 

Owning a pooch can be an expensive business. Food, vet bills, beds, de-sexing, toys, collars, beds and clothes, micro-chipping, training, grooming etc. So, from our pawspective, it’s good if you have some sort of financial security.

Finally, we love to have routine. The routine of having the same people around us, of being fed at a certain time of day or going walkies in a familiar location etc. We are creatures of habit, so it helps us if you are too. 


Cats’ needs are slightly more complex than bone-breaths. We like to be cuddled, sure, but we’re also big fans of alone time. In fact, we pre-fur it if you are not around all the time. Between you and I, Lockdown has been a bit of a nightmare for us cats. We’re not used to humans 24/7 and it’s making us climb the walls. 

We’re happiest when you go off to work and we can spend the day sleeping, eating and exploring. That’s why it would be purrfect if you have a garden of some sort. We don’t really do the whole ‘walkies’ thing and prefer to roam (and hunt) in our own time. 

When you come home at night, we like to have some cuddles and games and of course, a good meal. It also helps if we have our own bed, although we’ll probably end up sleeping on yours. So, make sure you have plenty of blankets and doonas for us to snuggle in.

You don’t need to be rich to own a cat. We don’t need all those silly things like leashes, clothes etc. And we keep ourselves very clean so there’s hardly any need for grooming. Having said that, we do need food, cat litter and occasional visits to the vet, so it’s good if you have a bit of money in the kitty.


Us bunnies are highly social animals and need lots of interaction and love from you. So, it helps if you are around quite a bit. It also helps if you have more than one of us, as we get very lonely on our own.

But hare’s the tricky bit. Although we love interaction, we don’t like to be picked up and held. So, if you are a hugger then we may not be right for you. 

We also need plenty of exercise. These back legs are designed for hopping and we need a living area at least 6 times bigger than we are. Oh, and a garden where we can stretch our legs outside, preferably in a rabbit run

Bunnies need quite a bit of looking after. Fresh hay and green veggie leaves, litters changed, cage cleaned every day. So, you need to make sure that you make plenty of time for us.  

Unfortunately, we are also prone to getting sick, so hopfully you will not mind making a few trips to the vet. 


Wanna know what we are looking for in a person? 

Well, first up you don’t need to be rich. Birds are cheep. Well, cheep-er than cats, dogs & rabbits at any rate. Which makes us perfect for someone on a bit of a budgiet. 

We don’t need you to be around all day. We are quite happy to be left in our cage (with adequate food, water and entertainment) while you go to work. 

You don’t even have to have a big apartment. Bird cages don’t generally take up that much room and we don’t need to go for walkies or do egg-cercise. 

Ideally you will like to play with us or give us a bit of training at least once a day.

Oh, and hopefully you (and your neighbours) are music lovers. Cause us birds like to sing, whistle and imitate other noises. 


We’re looking for someone who wants a pet but doesn’t have time or energy to go for a walkies, play games, or clean up poop.

Someone who comes home from a stressful day and unwinds by watching us swim in our tank.

Someone who appreciates us for what we are. A low-maintenance, fun and relaxing friend. Way cheaper and less needy than dogs and even cats.

They still have to care for us, of course. Make sure our tank is clean, give us regular food and a stimulating environment. But they don’t constantly pester us, tap on the tank, or try to handle us. 

It’s a stressful world out there. We see it through the glass. That’s why we want in here to be a plaice of calm and tranquillity.

There’s no doubt that pets of any shape or size enrich our lives, entertain us daily and provide companionship every day. Quite simply, they’re a pawsome addition to the furmily. Whatever furry or feathered friend you DO choose, be sure to head over to Kazoo to kit them out.  Whether you need a collar for a collie, some kit for a kitten, or you’re on a budget for a budgie, we’ve got pretty much everything you need to get those tails wagging.