Beagle Puppy - Breed Information

Beagles puppy is a great choice of family pet as well as companion dog. Beagles are renowned for being happy in a home environment. Your Beagles will enjoy being involved in everything that goes on in a household. You will see them become valued members of a family very quickly.

Characteristics - Beagle Puppy

  • Beagle are very adaptable, they are happy living in town as they are in the country
  • They need to be given enough exercise
  • They are loving and loyal which make the perfect first time pets
  • They get along very well with other dogs
  • They are good with kids
Beagle Puppy

Appearance - Beagle Puppy

  • Heights: Males 33 – 41 cm, 33 – 41 Females cm
  • Average Weight: Males 10 – 11 kg, Females 9 – 10  kg
  • Common coat colours
    • Badger Pied
    • Badger Pied Mottle
    • Black & White
    • Black & White Mottle
    • Blue White & Tan
    • Blue White & Tan Mottle
    • Hare Pied
    • Hare Pied Mottle
    • Lemon & White
    • Lemon & White Mottle
    • Lemon Pied
    • Lemon Pied Mottle
    • Red & White
    • Red & White Mottle
    • Tan & White
    • Tan & White Mottle
    • Tricolour
    • Tricolour Mottle
    • White
  • Beagles are little dogs, they always look alert and ready to get involved in anything

The history

Beagles can be traced back to the 16th century in England – where Englishmen often owned packs of hounds. The smaller hounds were the beagles. They were used in hunting rabbits and other small prey. They were also used as gun dogs, flushing game for hunters.

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