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Blue Heeler Puppies - Breed Information

Blue Heeler Puppies (Australian Cattle dogs) as their name suggests are native to Australia. Australian Cattle dogs are also commonly known by the names ACD, Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, Red Heeler or Queensland Heeler. They are called Heelers because of the way they herd livestock is by nipping at their heels.

They have the strength of stamina and ability to work for a long period of time which makes them a great working dog. They are loyal and intelligent dogs, they are also very protective of their owner and family. 

Characteristics - Blue Heeler Puppies

  • Australian Cattle Dogs are loyal
  • They are very protective of their family
  • They are good watchdogs
  • They are highly intelligent and can be easy to train
  • They are low maintenance on the grooming front 
  • They excel at all sorts of canine sports 
  • They are best suited to people who lead active, outdoor lives
Blue Heeler Puppies

Appearance - Blue Heeler Puppies

  • Heights: Males 46–51 cm, Females 43–48 cm
  • Average Weight: Males 15–22 kg, Females 15–22 kg
  • Common coat colours
    • Blue
    • Blue & Tan
    • Blue Black & Tan
    • Blue Speckled
    • Red
    • Red & Tan
    • Red Speckled
  • They are strong and compact giving the appearance of having great balance and a lot of power

The history

In the year 1840, George Elliott, in Queensland, was experimenting with Dingo-blue merle Collie crosses. Elliott’s dogs produced some excellent workers. Cattle men were impressed with the working ability of these dogs, and purchased pups from them as they became available. Two brothers, Jack and Harry Bagust, of Canterbury in Sydney, purchased some of these dogs and set about improving on them. Their first step was to cross a bitch with a fine imported Dalmatian dog.

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