Best Dog Friendly Beaches Near Gold Coast

Don't Miss Out on These Amazing Dog Beaches near Gold Coast

Looking for a great place to take your pup for a day of fun in the sun? Look no further than Gold Coast’s top-rated dog beaches! With plenty of open space and fresh salty air, these beaches are ideal for both you and your furry friend. Read on to find out which beaches are perfect for your next outing!

Dog-friendly beaches in Gold Coast we love

Palm Beach – The Famous Dog Beach of the Gold Coast

Palm Beach is a beautiful dog beach on the Gold Coast. It is divided into two parts, with the inner part being a shallow bay with calm and shallow waters for dogs to swim in. However, during holidays, this bay can become very crowded with people and dogs playing together.

On the other side of the shallow bay is the real ocean, with spectacular waves and a clean sandy beach. From here, you can also enjoy the view of the high-rise buildings of the Gold Coast or the sight of the waves crashing onto the rocks.

Next to the dog beach, there is also a swimming beach with lifeguards on duty and small flags indicating the safety boundaries. However, dogs are not allowed within 200 meters of the flags.

Palm Beach has plenty of parking spaces. But during holidays, if the parking lot is too full, you can park on the small road next to the Palm Beach Holiday Resort and walk to the beach, which is also very close.

A Must-Visit in Summer – Gold Coast Dog Beach – The Spit 

If you have a dog, you definitely can’t miss this beach, The Spit Off-leash Dog Beach, located next to Sea World on the Gold Coast.

We go there every summer! The seawater is crystal clear and refreshing, and the sand is fine and smooth. It’s perfect to bring a picnic mat in the afternoon, enjoy the sea breeze, watch the sunset, and even play with some of the dogs there if you don’t have one.
There are also convenience stores and cleaning areas nearby, so every time we bring our dog, he goes crazy playing and having fun.

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