Boxer Puppies - Breed Information

Boxer puppies are high energy dogs. They have a fun loving outlook and definitely love being entertained. Boxers are very loyal and they are good watchdogs even in a home environment. They will alert their owner know if there are any strangers about. Because they are outgoing by nature, they are great fun to have around, great with kids and be a wonderful family pet. 

Characteristics - Boxer Puppies

  • They have wonderful and fun personalities 
  • They are highly intelligent 
  • Boxers are playful and comical and they love to do their silly dances 
  • They are energetic which means as the owner you need to give them lots of exercise 
  • They thrive on being with people and don’t like being on their own 
  • They are protective of their owner and families 
  • Boxers are good watchdogs
Boxer Puppies

Appearance - Boxer Puppies

  • Heights: Males 57 – 63 cm, Females 53 – 59 cm
  • Average Weight: Males 30 – 32 kg, Females 25 – 27 kg
  • Common coat colours
    • Black Brindle
    • Black Brindle & White
    • Brindle
    • Brindle & White
    • Brindle Black Mask
    • Dark Brindle
    • Dark Brindle & White
    • Fawn
    • Fawn & White
    • Golden Brindle & White
    • Light Brindle
    • Light Brindle & White
    • Red
    • Red & White
    • Red & White Black Mask
    • Red Black Mask
    • Red Brindle
    • Red Brindle & White
    • Tiger Brindle
    • Tiger Brindle & White
    • White
  • One of the most noticeable physical traits of Boxers is their undershot jaw 

The history

The history of the Boxer as a unique breed begins late in the last century in the area of Munich – Germany. The Germans did not begin to breed dogs scientifically until that time. According to Denlinger, “As far back as the time of the ancient Assyrians, more than 2000 B.C., a strain of dogs with powerful build, heavy head and great courage was bred and used in war. Centuries later the name of Molossian was given to dogs of this type, named from the city of Molossis in Epirus, in what is today Albania.” These dogs spread across the continent and became the ancestors to the German Bullenbeisser. In England, selective breeding produced a taller, stronger dog than the original Molossis and this formed the foundation of the modern Mastiff. Later, the English crossed their Mastiff with fast running hounds to produce the Englische Dogge, or Great Dane, the German national dog. However, the Germans continued to use the Bullenbeisser as a hunting dog.

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