Best Pet Sitting Websites and APPs in Australia

This must be the happiest part-time job for pet lovers in Australia!! Not only can you cuddle cats and dogs, take good care of animals, and experience the joy of being a pet owner, but you can also earn money on the side! Where else can you find such a great opportunity!

Best pet sitting websites in Australia

1. Mad Paws

From the moment we joined Mad Paws until today, it’s been exactly two weeks. In this short time, we’ve received more than 10 inquiries and successfully completed 7 bookings! We’m filled with gratitude and excitement for each and every one of them!

Some of you might be wondering how to join Mad Paws or how to set your prices, and we’ll answer all your questions one by one!

How to apply for Mad Paws?

As long as you have a passport in Australia, you can register and apply. But you’ll need to spend about half an hour completing their course to obtain a certificate before becoming a pet sitter! It’s a simple course with questions related to the basic processes of Mad Paws and some basic knowledge about pet care.

How to enhance your profile on Mad Paws?

On their website, there are many badges you can apply for to increase your visibility. You can also request testimonials to build trust with customers.

2. Pawshake

Pawshake is another popular pet-sitting website in Australia.

It is a self-service platform for finding trusted and insured pet sitters. Boarding at homes and home visits, as well as other pet-related services like dog walking and pet daycare, are all possible.

You can search for pet sitters in your area by entering your suburb in the search box and then contacting them.

There’s a free opportunity for a meet and greet; Pawshake invites everyone to meet and greet before booking to ensure that both pets and people have the best experience.

The prices are determined by the pet sitters and are generally listed on their profiles.


PetCloud is a pet-sitting website that allows pet owners to find reliable and trustworthy pet sitters in their local area. Unlike the first 2 platforms we mentioned, this one you will need to post a job like Gumtree. Pet owners need to post a job and then screen the service providers who apply until they find the right pet sitter.

How much should you charge for pet sitting in Australia?

Everyone’s pricing is different—some are expensive, and some are more affordable. The average price on Mad Paws is around $40, but you can adjust it yourself. Prices on the higher end are often because the pet sitter is a veterinarian. You can set it around $20-30 (For example, Mad Paws charges a 20% service fee, but it’s passed on to the customer).

How much should you charge for overnight pet-sitting rates?

Some pet sitters charge $60 for an overnight stay, with the platform taking approx. 20% commission, which leaves them with around $48. Although the rate varies, pet sitters with more experience may charge more than $60. 

How do you become a pet sitter in Australia?

To become a pet sitter in Australia, you must have experience working with animals, such as volunteering at a local animal shelter or working as a dog walker. Additionally, getting certified in pet first aid and CPR, which many pet-sitting websites require, is crucial.

Once you have the requisite experience and certification, you can create a profile on a pet-sitting website, such as Mad Paws or Pawshake. Your profile should contain pertinent details about your experience, services, and rates. To draw in clients, marketing yourself as a pet sitter is crucial. This can involve advertising on social media, creating flyers to circulate in your local area, or providing discounts to first-time clients.

What apps can you use to be a dog sitter in Australia?

In addition to pet-sitting websites, there are several apps available for use in becoming a dog sitter in Australia, such as Rover and PetBacker. These platforms enable you to establish your rates and schedule while connecting with pet owners in your locality.

Rover: Rover is a popular app for dog sitting in Australia. It allows you to set your own rates and schedule and connect with pet owners in your local area.

PetBacker: PetBacker is another app for pet sitting in Australia. It allows you to create a profile, set your own rates, and connect with pet owners looking for pet sitters.

Growing your pet sitting business

Our small piece of advice is that starting anything is challenging, and gaining a customer’s trust without any reviews can be tough. We believe the reason we had our first customer on the very first day after opening my profile is because we respond promptly to messages, proactively ask customers about their needs, and communicate and offer solutions when problems arise. We feel like these qualities make customers feel that you’re responsible, patient, and trustworthy!

Getting your pet insurance

Lastly, it’s imperative to invest in pet-sitting insurance to protect yourself in the event of any accidents or incidents. Keeping comprehensive records of your services, rates, and client information can also aid in staying organized and professional as a pet sitter. Networking with other pet sitters can also help you learn about new opportunities, exchange tips and advice, and establish relationships with others in the industry.

Overall, becoming a pet sitter in Australia necessitates effort and commitment, but it can be a fulfilling way to earn additional income while spending quality time with adorable pets. By following these tips and leveraging pet-sitting websites and apps, you can forge a lucrative career in the pet-sitting industry.

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