Golden Retriever Puppies for sale and breed information

Golden Retriever Puppies - Breed Information

Golden Retrievers puppies are the perfect choice as family pets as they boast wonderfully calm natures and also, trainability. They are also marvellous with kids and other pets you might have in your home. Talking about trainability, Golden Retrievers puppies really excel at the jobs they are asked to do as they are very intelligent. Also because of this, it makes them a great choice of dog used in search and rescue missions.

Characteristics - Golden Retriever Puppies

  • Golden Retrievers are reliable and trustworthy breeds
  • Fits in very well with most people’s lifestyles
  • They remain very puppy like well into their golden years
  • Highly trainable, because of their intelligence
  • Very social by nature and gets on with everyone including other dogs and pets
Golden Retriever Puppies

Appearance - Golden Retriever Puppies

  • Heights: Males 56 – 61 cm, Females 51 – 56 cm
  • Average Weight: Average Weight: Males 29 – 34 kg, Females 25 – 29 kg
  • Coat colours
    • Cream
    • Gold
    • Golden
  • Golden Retrievers are very well-balanced, also powerful looking dogs that boast an intelligent expression
  • They have strong muzzles
  • Their eyes are deep set and dark brown in colour with black rims, and they are set well apart
  • Their ears are medium in size which dogs hold level to their eyes

The history

The earliest records of Golden Retriever history are in the journals of Dudley Marjoribanks (also known as Lord Tweedmouth) from Inverness, Scotland, during the years of approximately 1840 to 1890.

According to (and other sources) In the middle 1860s Dudley acquired a yellow wavy-coated retriever, named ‘Nous’, from a litter of black coated retrievers that had Golden Retriever characteristics.


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