Labradoodles - Breed Information

Labradoodles – is the result of breeding Poodles and Labrador retrievers. Being a cross breed, breeders can never be very certain which genes will be passed on to the Labradoodle puppy from the parents which means your puppy size, coats and personalities may vary.

Characteristics - Labradoodles

  • Labradoodles shed little hair, although some shed more than others
  • Highly intelligent and learn things pretty quickly
  • They have kind and affectionate natures
  • They are an excellent choice for first time puppy owners
  • They love taking part in all sorts of canine sports
  • They are very playful

Appearance - Labradoodles

  • Height: Males 30 – 71 cm, Females 30 – 71 cm
  • Average Weight: Males 10 – 40 kg, Females 10 – 40 kg
  • Coat types
    • A long fleece coat – slightly to extremely wavy with a soft texture that hangs loosely in charming ringlets and which is low shedding
    • A wool coat – consists of tight curls that’s more reminiscent of the Poodle and which is considered hypoallergenic because dogs with this type of coat don’t shed
    • A “hair coat” – first generation Doodles often have and which are more like the coat of the Labrador Retriever which means they tend to shed profusely throughout the year
  • Most common colours
    • Red
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Silver
    • Caramel
    • Chocolate

The history

The Breed started back in the 1989 when the Breeding Manager of the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia in Victoria bred a litter of puppies mating a Standard Poodle andLabrador. His goal was to produce a dog for vision impaired people who also suffered from allergy problems so had trouble working with the regular guide dog breeds.

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