Best Dog Friendly Beaches Near Brisbane

Since moving to Brisbane and having more free time, we love exploring the area with our kids. The beach is one of our top choices, and we regularly visit new beaches. While my husband plays in the water with the kids, I sit on the sand, read a book, and enjoy a coffee from a nearby cafe. It’s so relaxing and satisfying!

But, our furry family members need their adventures too! Today we will introduce you to a few off-leash dog beaches around Brisbane where your dogs can run and swim. It’s a joy to see our dogs having a blast in the water, getting all wet and excited, and mingling with other happy pups!

Best dog beaches near Brisbane

Red Beach, Bribie Island

Tucked away in a somewhat secluded spot, this beach offers a decent shoreline for dogs to play on. The waves are manageable, and it’s fun to watch the dogs occasionally get splashed and playfully washed back to the shore. The beach is easy to access, with plenty of parking just a short 3-minute walk away. There’s even a dog wash area. This is our favourite dog-friendly beach.


Queens Beach North, Redcliffe 

This is an off-leash beach section along the Redcliffe coastline. If you visit on a Sunday, you can also check out the Redcliffe Market. The only drawback is that it can get crowded, and off-leash hours are only before 8 AM and after 4 PM, with leash requirements during other times. However, parking is convenient, and it can be part of a day trip to another destination.


Home Beach, North Stradbroke Island 

The water at this beach is quite calm, especially about 1.5 kilometres towards Shag Rock. The sand here is exceptionally beautiful. It’s suitable for smaller dogs since the waves aren’t too strong, and surfers won’t be able to catch waves. It’s also great for kids. The only downside is that you’ll need to walk a bit from the parking area to reach the dog-friendly beach.


Manly Foreshore 

This beach has more rocks and requires a short walk to reach the sandy area. Many dogs, both big and small, can be found here. There’s even a box with dog toys near the beach, including balls and frisbees that your dog can borrow to play with. There are few swimmers, as it’s mostly a dog-friendly zone. Nearby, you’ll find excellent coffee shops and ice cream!


GJ Walter Park, Cleveland 

Located south of Brisbane, you can start by taking your dog on a 4-5-kilometre walk along the Heritage Trail, which takes less than an hour. The trail leads to GJ Walter Park, which has a bit of surf, although it’s not too rough. Dogs love splashing around (small dogs should stay in shallower areas). Along the way, you’ll come across several old buildings if that interests you. You can even bring a picnic mat because there’s a grassy area, not just sand. My dog really enjoys this spot.

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