Best Dog Camping Spots in Adelaide

Best dog camping spots near Adelaide we love


One of the first things you’ll notice after arriving in Australia is that almost every household has a furry friend. Once you have a dog, it’s hard to imagine leaving them behind while travelling. These four dog-friendly camping sites allow the whole family to travel together, and you no longer have to worry about leaving your dog in a crate or boarding them with someone else.


Moonta Caravan Park, Yorke Peninsula

It is located near the famous Moonta Bay and Port Hughes, with various Instagrammable brunch spots and cafes within walking distance. Take a leisurely stroll on the pristine white sandy beach while your dog enjoys playing in the turquoise waters – a truly therapeutic experience.


Coulta Memorial Park Rest Stop, Eyre Peninsula

Just a 40-minute drive from Port Lincoln, the campsite is adjacent to a vast and beautiful beach. After a day of exploration, relax by the seaside with freshly shucked oysters in one hand, a glass of local wine in the other, and your best friend by your side. Feel the gentle coastal breeze on your face, creating a healing moment.


Cohen Rest Area, Penong, Eyre Peninsula

A pet-friendly haven, with the famous Pink Lake steps away from the campsite. A bit further, you’ll discover a beach surrounded by cactus, resembling a marine paradise. An hour’s drive from the campsite takes you to Fowler’s Bay, filled with endless wildlife, rugged cliffs, vast sand dunes, and crystal-clear seawater. From May to September, witness the spectacular migration of whales along the coastline.


Kimba Recreation Reserve, Eyre Peninsula

You can set up a tent for free at the entrance, and it’s extremely dog-friendly. The campsite provides toilets, showers, and water facilities. Don’t miss the towering silo artwork at the entrance. If you have enough time, take a one-hour drive to the beach, enjoy the picturesque scenery along the way, and experience the seaside town of Cowell, basking in the sun on the beach with your furry friend.


Camping Tips

1 – Ensure you have enough dog food, bowls, water bowls, two leashes, emergency medication, and cleaning wipes.

2 – Have a backup plan for attractions that may not allow dogs.

3 – Most attractions on the Yorke Peninsula are pet-friendly.

When heading to the beach with your furry friend, don’t forget to pack the essentials. To ensure a comfortable day out in the sun, bring along plenty of water and a collapsible bowl for your dog to drink from. Sunscreen specially formulated for dogs is also important if your dog has short hair or sensitive skin. 

Additionally, consider bringing a portable shade tent or beach umbrella to provide some relief from the sun’s heat. And of course, always remember to bring poop bags and dispose of them properly to keep the beach clean for everyone’s enjoyment.

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