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Rose Bay Beach is a beach located next to Rose Bay in which dogs are allowed to be unleashed! In Australia, it is required to keep dogs on a leash when taking them outside.

Some parks or beaches do not allow dogs, while others do allow dogs to play without a leash, so it is important to research in advance. We really like this beach because it is very spacious, allowing you to completely let your dog loose and run around happily. The area is quite large, and there is a shallow section of the beach with many water channels around it. There are many dogs of all sizes that visit this beach, and everyone loves dogs, especially children who often follow the little dogs around.

Rosebay Dog Beach Information


Rose Bay (Dumaresq Reserve) - Between 4:30pm – 8:30am

Rose Bay Foreshore (between Dumaresq Reserve and Percival Park) - At all times

Rosebay Dog Beach is the perfect beach for dogs. The water here isn't too deep so it's not too scary for them to go in. The beach is so long and lots of room to run around.


Rose Bay Beach

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