30 important questions you should ask your dog breeder

So you have made the big decision that is you are going to get yourself a dog! When you are looking for them at a breeder or rescue, doing research is crucial.

And most importantly, you need to know exactly what questions you should be asking your breeder before you buy a dog!

We have done some research to learn some of the most important questions (there are 30 on our list!) to ask your dog breeder. This comprehensive list of questions will help you draw a distinction between good and bad breeders and it makes sure you will have the best addition for your family!

30 important questions to ask your dog breeder

Number Question to ask your dog breeder
1 Are the puppy’s parents certified?
2 How old are the puppies?
3 What social experiences have the puppies had so far?
4 What should I feed my puppy?
5 When am I allowed to take the puppy home?
6 Which vaccinations has the puppy had and when is the next dose due?
7 Have any health tests been performed on the puppies or the parents?
8 Can you get references from any previous puppy buyers?
9 Have the puppies been wormed?
10 How often are they fed?
11 Has the puppy started toilet training?
12 Did you breed the pup?
13 Have any of the puppies had any health problems?
14 Have the parents been screened for any inherited diseases?
15 Do the puppies have any form of identification?
16 Where the puppies are kept?
17 Will you be able to see where they were bred?
18 Have the parents been checked for inherited conditions?
19 What experiences does the breeder aim to provide to the puppies before they go to their new home?
20 Can the puppy be returned if there are any problems?
21 Will I be able to see the puppy with its mother?
22 When do you expect payment for the pup?
23 Can I visit the area where the puppy’s will be raised?  
24 How long have you been breeding dogs, or a certain breed?
25 Do you have references from other breeders or your veterinarian?
26 Are you available for questions or advice on my new puppy after I take her home?
27 Has the puppy been weaned?
28 What’s the dog’s ancestry?
29 Will the puppy be microchipped
30 What questions do you have for me?

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