Holiday tips for pets

There’s a lot of planning when it comes with bringing your fluffy pets along for a holiday! Here are our top tips across everything to make your trip stress free from what to pack to handy hacks for the pet owners.

Get a carrier!

There will be long journeys in the car so it is necessary to get a carrier. It helps your pets to feel less stressed as well as giving the the space they feel comfortable and secure. Make sure you get a carrier that has enough room so they can turn around easily, lie down or stretch out.

Water bowel!

It’s no different to looking after your pets as usual, they would still need to stay hydrated on the road. Having a way to get them water is essential. There are travel water bottles you can get for your pets, they are ideal for providing a drink stop while traveling.


Make sure you bring enough food for your holiday trip. As you might not be able to get your pet their normal food, this will help to avoid making any unexpected changes to their diet which could lead to an upset stomach. Treats are also great.


Like taking your kids for a trip, you will need to keep your pet occupied. It can prevent them getting restless or anxious. So don’t forget to bring a few of your pet’s favourite toys in their carrier. This can keep them happy on the journey!