How do you travel with pets?

Are you thinking about taking your furry friends along with you and your family on your next vacation? Many transports and hotels now offer pet friendly services which makes traveling with pets somewhat easier than before. In this post, we are going to cover most things you might need to know if you are taking your pets on your first trip!

Can I bring my pet with me on a plane?

Some airlines can accommodate pet travel on domestic flights. They have appropriate pet handling arrangements in place at each end of the journey. However, to avoid adverse temperatures that might pose risks to your pet, you should avoid booking travel for your pet during peak temperature periods such as in the middle of the day. Choosing a flight in the early morning or late afternoon may help to ensure your pet’s comfort during the trip. Something to keep in mind is that pets (dogs or cats) are not allowed to travel in the cabin on flights, you will need to make a booking with the freight division of the airline, drop them off at the cargo terminal then you pick them up at the cargo terminal.

Is your pet suitable for traveling on a plane?

To be able to travel, there might be some requirements your pet should meet, such as:

  • Over 8 weeks old and this is due to potential dehydration while traveling
  • Be in good health
  • Not too heavy (make sure you check with the airline before you purchase the air ticket)
  • Be transported in a container that complies with the airline’s guidelines (again make sure you check the airline website prior booking)

What should you bring when traveling with a pet?

There are pet travel accessories that we definitely can’t do without:

  • Your pet’s regular food and treats
  • Pet’s bedding or a crate to sleep in
  • Food and water bowls
  • Collar and lead
  • Toys
  • Towels
  • Bags (for clean up)
  • Medication
  • Identification tag

What do I need to do before my pet travels? 

Be it by plane, train or ferry, there are certain things you need to check before your trip. 

  • Take your pet to the vet for a health check up and make sure they are up-to-date with any immunisations or treatments
  • Clean your pet
  • Pack a suitcase for your pet
  • Find out the number of the emergency vet in the place you will be spending your holiday
  • Ensure you have your pet insurance

Choose pet-friendly accommodations

You need to be mindful when it comes to booking accommodations for your trip as not all hotels are pet friendly. Even some hotels that claim to be pet friendly, they are simply pet tolerant so you should always call ahead prior booking to ensure if the hotel is genuinely pet friendly and find out if they offer any amenities, such as grooming, treats at check in, dog sitting services etc. When you call the hotel, you should also check if there will be a pet fee to accommodate your pet just to avoid any surprises when you check out. When it comes to searching for a pet friendly hotel or vacation booking, there are specialist websites you can try such as Holidaying With Dogs