How to stop puppy barking

Do you know barking is a completely normal part of dog communication? Although if your puppy is barking very frequently, it could be a sign of something is not going quite right. To prevent or minimise barking, first you need to understand why your puppy is barking in the first place. You need to observe and find out what your puppy hopes to gain from barking. Some dogs bark a lot than the other. Sometimes your dog barks because they want to tell you about something specific such as a visitor at the door.

How to stop puppy barking

Although their barking may be frustrating, you should never tell your dog off. If you do that it could make them anxious.

Sometimes your dog barking because they are scared. However if your dog is barking for something specific such as to make another dog go away then you could train them to act in a quieter way. It can be difficult to change this behaviour, but if this habit leads to upset neighbours one of the best options is not to leave your dog unattended or to reward them with treats for turning away from the thing that triggers their barking.

Dogs are social animals and they like to live around you and your family. When they are left on their own for too long, they can become upset and build anxiety. This is why often dogs bark when you are out of the house. If you dog barks a lot when left, the best solution is to hire a dog sitter when you are out.

Do you know dogs also bark when they are bored? Although this can vary depending on the breed, some dogs have a higher energy level and they will be looking for more stimulation throughout the day. You may want to look at their daily routine and try increasing both their physical and mental exercise which helps to keep them busy.