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Chic city dogs hang out at the dog beach at the end of Bay Street in Port Melbourne. Close to Melbourne's CBD, you can watch the ships come in as your pup plays in the white sand. Ciao Cielo is one of many bars and cafes on Bay Street that welcomes dogs.

Around the bay, Brighton Doggy Beach is probably the best off-lead beach in Victoria. The beach is fully fenced with shallow water suitable for small dogs. When the tide is out, there’s oodles of flat sandy beach for zoomies. Afterwards, get a coffee on the deck at Middle Brighton Sea Baths.

Brighton dog beach is one of the most popular dog beaches around! This sandy beach is fenced off so your dog can run and play in peace. Find it between Bay Street and Sandown Street.


  • Can dogs go to Brighton beach Melbourne?

Dogs on beaches at Brighton: Dogs are permitted off-lead at all times between Bay Street and Sandown Street.

  • Where can I park at Brighton dog beach?

Free parking is limited in the area and you will have to use the ticketed parking area in front of the Middle Brighton Baths.

Things to remember when walking your dog

  • Always walk your dog on leash, unless in a designated off leash area.
  • Dogs are prohibited entry to some parks and reserves, check signage before entry.

Your responsibilities in off-leash areas
Dogs must be on a chain, cord or leash if the dog is within 20 metres of

  • a children’s play equipment area
  • an area where a public meeting is being held
  • a permanently designated barbeque and picnic area
  • an on-leash signed lake or pond
  • an area where an organised sporting event is taking place.

Dogs must be on leash in all car parks.
Owners must have effective control of their dog at all times.


Sandown St, Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

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