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It's a 3-hour drive from Sydney, and a bit closer if you're coming from Canberra! But I dare to guarantee – it's worth it!

This is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful weekend! It's also perfect for a stroll with kids and dogs (Pet Friendly)! The entire garden is super spacious, with thoughtful details everywhere, making it ideal for savouring the designs slowly. The garden is divided into several parts:

Cultural Exhibition Hall

It includes exhibitions on Japanese soft furnishings, culture, and art. Note that the beautiful dry landscape design at the centre of the garden is worth exploring!

Koi Ponds

The garden has three to four koi ponds with flowing water, and ducks play on the water. You can buy fish food for 2🔪 at the counter to feed the koi and ducks – it's a lot of fun!


Although the Bonsai here may not compare to those in Canberra, many have unique designs and ideas. There are not only traditional varieties like black pine and cedar but also some Australian-specific Bonsai like the brush flower! Bonsai enthusiasts should take their time exploring!

Forest Pathways

Walking along the pathways, you can discover various buildings and garden designs. The entire landscape is designed to be visually pleasing and enjoyable. In addition to various Maple varieties, I also spotted a new species called Diosma, a shrub that provided a visually delightful experience!

Ken Nakajima Pl, Cowra NSW 2794


Ken Nakajima Pl, Cowra NSW 2794, Australia

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