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For the first stop on our journey south, we chose to park in Yallingup. This time, we didn't focus on tourist attractions; instead, we wanted to take our dog for a leisurely stroll and relax!

The highlight of this trip in Margaret River was the White Elephant Beach Cafe, located by the seaside, overlooking a small beach. With stairs leading directly down to the beach, it's just perfect for a holiday getaway!

Dogs are happily invited to join you at the beach located north of the Dawson Drive access path. Clear signage marks the area, and please note that the restricted zone extends from the Dawson Drive path to the Slippery Rocks Car Park. Keep in mind that Yallingup Beach is encircled by a National Park, so it's advisable to make use of the Dawson Drive entrance thoughtfully.


Yallingup Dog Beach

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