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Grant Park is a new park located behind the Enfield Swimming Pool in Sydney's Inner West. It is divided into several sections.

There are entertainment areas for children, toilets, BBQ facilities, shaded resting areas, and even a small book cabinet. It's so thoughtful that moms can read books while their kids play, and the selection of children's books is really considerate!

Next to it, there are two full-size basketball courts where older kids can play basketball for free. There are also free basketballs, inflatables, and drinking water stations. It's incredibly well thought out.

In the middle, there are two large dog parks where dogs can be off-leash, with shaded areas! Behind them, there's even a ninja park suitable for children aged 14 and above to exercise and play.

The park's facilities are superb, with plenty of parking spaces nearby. Importantly, there are few people around. It has to be said that it's a great place for families to hang out in the Inner West.


36 Ann St, Enfield NSW 2136, Australia

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