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Hillarys Dog Beach Information

The Hillarys Animal Exercise Park and Dog Beach is a large recreational area with plenty of space for your dog to run (or splash) around in. The beach has small waves and crystal-clear water all year round. You’ll be able to let your dog off its lead on the beach, just make sure they’re under supervision at all times.

Dogs may be exercised within the dog beach area off-lead, but must remain under effective control and supervision.

Dogs may also be exercised within the Hillarys Horse Beach area immediately to the north of the dog beach under the following restrictions:

  • AM, Monday to Saturday – dogs must be on a lead at all times
  • PM, Monday to Saturday – dogs can be exercised off lead
  • Sunday – dogs can be exercised off lead all day.

Dogs may not enter the beach via the Whitford Nodes South Car Park beach access path or the northern Hillarys Marina groyne. However, they may be walked on-leash along the dual-use pathway to the designated dog beach area.


Hillarys Dog Beach

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