Hi there! I'm Carol, passionate about nature and animals. So I'm a pet sitter because every day I adore what I do. I chose it to share my lifestyle with these tiny lovers. I'm glad to have the opportunity to meet your pet family members and bring them all my experience and love.

At first, I've been a sitter with pets of my friends, neighbors and family by recommendation when they usually go on holiday. These have been a great and important opportunities to get experience and be useful as a sitter of theirs lovely pets and homes.

Then, I've started to have other chances in my country, Argentina, Uruguay and Australia. This strengthens my acquaintance, so I became more involved and enthusiastic.

In every pet sitting, I assume the compromise to do the best performance. I always do it with great joy, affection and respect towards the pets and their families. I have excellent references in Australia, you can see my reviews in other platforms.


About the tasks

I've done:

- I fed the pets as many times as the pet family told me with the agreed food and quantity. -When necessary, I supplied medication. -I bathe them, if the pet family require it. -I do housekeeping, cleaning and watering the plants. -I collect and inform about the mail and parcel. -At home, I am very careful about electricity, water and waste recycling. I am interested in caring for the environment and natural resources. -If the pet family wish, I like to keep them up to date with photos, videos and messages of their pets. -I'm very tidy, organized and I like leaving the house exactly as I've found.

I've been living amazing experiences in each sit. When I look after pet/s, I'm happy to share my life with them. An important characteristic of my activity as a sitter is spending the most of the time with animals. I adore playing, going for a walk and having moments together.

I enjoy so much the company of every pet. I like discovering what it likes and I'm very pending about what they need. Of course, every day I feel happy to give all my love, expertise and a huge cuddle to all the incredible pets that touch my life.

About me, I'm a very active person, easy going and friendly that I always feel motivated. I like doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. I'm vegetarian and I don't smoke.

I adore going to landscape places where I can stay in contact with nature. So when I look after doggies I like planning some daytime at the park.

As well, I'm interested in meditate, practice yoga, study English or do courses to improve my skills. I enjoy listening to music, reading, watching films and documentaries.

I'm a kindergarten and primary special school teacher, I studied at Advanced Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires. Also, I have a degree in Journalism and I'm a Yoga Instructor. Now, I love being a pet sitter while I enjoy travelling.


Sydney NSW, Australia

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