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The entire beach is quite spacious, and at the entrance, there are two fenced dog parks. Once you get to the beach, dogs can go off-leash and have a blast!

This beach has relatively shallow waters overall, and it only starts getting deeper towards the middle. Not only can dogs run freely, but people can also wade in the water. Even dogs who are initially afraid of water can have a joyful time here. Our dog was initially hesitant about playing in the water but fell in love with the beach after visiting once!

Australian summer is approaching, so don't forget to bring your furry friend to the beach for a walk by the waves!

Nudgee Dog Beach is well-known to locals as one of Brisbane’s best dog beaches—and for good reason. Time your visit with low tide at Nudgee Beach Reserve and watch the mangroves that dominate the mouth of the Brisbane River give way to expansive mudflats and sandy pools, stretching out to sea for miles. Pack some lunch and make the most of the 30-minute drive north of the city to Nudgee Beach Reserve; public BBQs line the waterfront before you enter the dog beach. With views of Stradbroke Island and Redcliffe on the horizon, this pearler of a dog beach in Brisbane is a local’s best kept secret.


  • Are dogs allowed on Nudgee Beach?

Nudgee Beach has returned to an on-leash area. Studies showed that levels of disturbance to shorebirds were much higher at Nudgee Beach compared to the other two locations, with large numbers of dogs being walked off-leash in the adjoining foreshore Moreton Bay Marine National Park.

Things to remember when walking your dog

  • Always walk your dog on leash, unless in a designated off leash area.
  • Dogs are prohibited entry to some parks and reserves, check signage before entry.

Your responsibilities in off-leash areas

Dogs must be on a chain, cord or leash if the dog is within 20 metres of

  • a children’s play equipment area
  • an area where a public meeting is being held
  • a permanently designated barbeque and picnic area
  • an on-leash signed lake or pond
  • an area where an organised sporting event is taking place.

Dogs must be on leash in all car parks.
Owners must have effective control of their dog at all times.


Nudgee Beach QLD, Australia

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