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Point Cartwright Lighthouse is an active lighthouse located near the mouth of the Mooloolah River in Queensland, Australia. It marks the deepwater channel for Moreton Bay and Brisbane Harbour, providing guidance for vessels entering the Mooloolaba Harbour.

Below the Point Cartwright Lighthouse, there is a beach. If you walk along the beach, through the forest, you'll come across a large grassy area. From there, you can continue on to the lighthouse to witness a spectacular sunset.

Many people come here with their dogs, playing on the beach and then leaving by boat, giving it a distinct Aussie vibe.

However, it's only off-leash after 4 PM each day. It's a beautiful spot with lots of dogs on weekends, making it a very famous attraction.


Eliza Towers, 1 Pacific Blvd, Buddina QLD 4575, Australia

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