Our experience

Upon reaching the destination, we were immediately astonished; this is our ideal Nordic cottage! The small wooden house faces the mountains, and in the morning, we can not only hear the wind chimes swaying inside the house but also faintly hear the bleating of sheep on the other side of the mountain.

One unique feature is that you need to climb stairs to get to the bed in the cottage! It's quite charming, isn't it? The interior is also in a rustic wood style, and if it gets cold, you can try lighting a fire. The next morning, we went for a hike and took many beautiful photos.

Farm Experience:
The hosts are very down-to-earth. As soon as we arrived, they warmly took us to see the foals and lambs! Unfortunately, we didn't unlock their unique experience of milking sheep, but guests can book it for free.

Most importantly, dogs are allowed here!
Location: Monegeetta Escape Sheep Milk Farm Cottage (about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne city, only accessible by car).


Monegeetta VIC 3433, Australia

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