Top Brisbane Off-Leash Dog Beaches

Brisbane Off-Leash Dog Beaches

After moving to Brisbane, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring the area with the kids, and the beach is one of our top choices. We regularly visit new beaches where dad and the kids can play in the water while I sit on the sand, read a book, and enjoy a coffee from a nearby café. It’s both relaxing and fulfilling.

But, our dog also needs to join in the fun! Today, we’ll introduce some off-leash dog beaches around Brisbane where your furry friend can run and swim happily. Watching joyful dogs playing in the water, soaking wet and adorable, brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Red Beach, Bribie Island

Located in a fairly secluded spot, this long stretch of coastline is perfect for dogs. The waves are manageable, though some dogs may get pushed back by them, which looks like a lot of fun. The sand is firm, so you won’t sink in while walking. There are plenty of parking spaces just a 3-minute walk from the beach, and there’s a dog wash area too. This is our favorite beach.

Queens Beach North, Redcliffe

Part of the Redcliffe coastline, this off-leash beach is a great spot to visit, especially on Sundays when you can also enjoy the Redcliffe market. The only downside is that it gets crowded, and off-leash hours are restricted to before 8 am and after 4 pm. Parking is convenient, making it a good secondary destination.

Home Beach, North Stradbroke Island

This beach features calm waters and stretches 1.5 kilometers towards Shag Rock. The beautiful sand makes it ideal for smaller dogs since the waves aren’t too big, which also makes it great for kids. The only drawback is the walk from the parking lot to the dog beach.

Manly Foreshore

This beach has more rocks and requires a short walk to reach the sandy area. It’s popular with both small and large dogs. There’s a toy box nearby with balls and frisbees for dogs to play with. Although there aren’t many swimmers, it’s a pleasant spot for a walk, and there are excellent nearby cafés and ice cream shops.

GJ Walter Park, Cleveland

Located south of Brisbane, you can start with a walk along the Heritage Trail, which is about 4-5 kilometers and takes less than an hour. The trail leads to GJ Walter Park, where gentle waves make it a fun spot for dogs to splash around (small dogs should stay in shallow water). The trail is lined with historic buildings, and the park has grassy areas for picnics, not just sand. This is a favorite spot for our dog.