What Behaviour Do Dogs Not Like?

For pet owners, their own dogs are undoubtedly the best source of joy, capable of bringing happiness and relaxation. However, dogs also have their own temperaments and personalities.

If you want to get along well with your dog, you need to pay attention to certain behaviours. As a pet owner, it’s important to understand which behaviours dogs find annoying, so you can avoid them and deepen your bond with your furry friend.

What Behaviour Do Dogs Not Like?

Pulling the Tail

The tail is one of the most important parts of a dog’s body. If it’s forcefully pulled, it can cause pain and even permanent damage. Dogs strongly dislike their owners pulling their tails, no matter the reason.

Overly Tight Hugging

While owners love to hug their dogs, it should be done with care. If you hug too tightly, it can make the dog uncomfortable, leading to struggles. This doesn’t foster closeness but instead may cause the dog to dislike you. So, when hugging your dog, do it gently and release them soon.

Confining the Dog

Dogs crave freedom and dislike being confined in narrow spaces. So when owners lock them up, dogs resent this behaviour. It’s advised not to confine dogs unless necessary, especially not in cages for prolonged periods, as it’s detrimental to their physical and mental health.

Disturbing Sleep

Just like humans, dogs dislike being disturbed during sleep. They need long periods of rest, and interrupting their sleep can make them unhappy and resentful towards their owners.

Tightening the Leash Too Much

Using a leash for safety while walking your dog is good, but dogs detest it when the leash is too tight. It makes them uncomfortable and anxious. So, while walking your dog, don’t tighten the leash excessively.

Using the Dog as an Outlet

Dogs detest being used as punching bags when their owners are frustrated or angry. If you vent your frustration on your dog verbally or physically, they’ll gradually distance themselves from you and may even develop resentment. Instead, spend quality time playing with your dog, give them treats, to deepen your bond with them.

Speaking loudly to a dog

Dogs have highly sensitive hearing, so they are often afraid of loud noises. If an owner constantly speaks loudly or yells at a dog, the dog will definitely become afraid and may distance itself from the owner, unwilling to get too close.

Taking away its toys and treats

Dogs also have possessiveness. Before a dog recognises its owner, or if the owner frequently takes away the dog’s beloved toys and treats, the dog will become increasingly resentful towards the owner. It is advisable not to casually take away a dog’s toys and treats.