What do pet sitters do?

Take good care of someone else's pets while the owner is away

To make sure you will do a good job as a pet sitter, you will need to check with the pet owner:

– Does the pet get anxious when left alone?

– What are the feeding habits?

– Does it have its own favorite toys/ treats

– Is the pet friendly to other animals, strangers, or kids

– What commands the dog understands

pet sitter responsibilities

Take the pet into your home or visit at the pet owner's home

Depending on the pet sitting job, you could find yourself looking after the pet at either the owner’s house or your own place.

Many owners may prefer you to visit their house. If that’s the case, you will need to pop in and out while the owner is away. You will need to visit the owner’s house regularly through the duration of their trip and to check in on their pet. 

Maintain pet's daily routines and make sure they keep a normal schedule

As a pet sitter, you will be responsible for all basic animal care including feeding and walking them. You need to make sure they stay fed, hydrated and get the attention and exercise they need while the owner is away. 

Most common activities include:

– Daily feeding

– Putting fresh water and scrubbing bowels

– Brush pets

– Take them on walks

– Provide enough exercise through play

– Give them medications (only if it’s requested by the pet owner)  

– Basic cleaning and vacuuming up pet hair in the house

– Some pet sitters may also need to help with collecting mail or newspaper

– Notify and report to the pet owner so they know their pet has been well looked after

– If the pet become sick or suffer an injury while under your supervision, you will also need to notify the pet owner immediately and take the to vet

looking after pet

Want to become a pet sitter?

There are many websites you can create your pet sitter profile and to promote your pet sitting services. Most websites charge for a fee or commission connecting you to potential clients. 

Alternatively you can create your pet sitter profile with us at Puppy Doggies which is a free service to promote your pet sitting services (and no commission fees!). 

We will also provide you the data you need so you can improve your listing as you go. Once registered, you can go to your dashboard to view all the data.