What to gift someone who loves pets?

Are you looking for the best gift for your friends who are an animal lover? From clothing to kitchenware, there are many different routes you can take when looking for the perfect custom pet gifts for the animal lover. To make it easier for you, we have sourced some great options for you!

Dog T-shirt or Pajamas

A custom dog T-shirt is a great gift that celebrates the bond between your friend and his pet! There are many modern pet T-shirt you can find online, you can even customise it by putting the name of your friend’s pet which makes it one of the best gifts for dog lovers. Most of the custom T-shirt comes in different sizes and colours to fit any style. Certain online shops also allow you to upload a photo of your friend’s pet and they will do the drawing for you!

Custom pet phone case

Pet phone case is another great gift idea for pet lovers! Again, there are many online stores where you can upload the pet photo and they will transform them into an artistic masterpiece! The custom pet drawing will then be printed on your selected phone case. If you are wanting to buy a custom pet phone case, make sure you know which phone model your friend is using!

Pet face pillow

Do you know you can turn your pet into a custom shaped pillow? What’s better than having a custom pet portrait pillow that matches the aesthetic of your friend’s room? Ordering a custom pet face pillow you need to make sure you have a high resolution photo of your friend’s pet, ideally more than 1,500 pixels because fuzzy photo will turn out bad printing quality on the pillow! You may also want to have someone to edit it before you upload to the shop just to make sure the photo are not too dark or too bright! What’s even better with this gift is that the custom picture shape pillow can be made into any shape such as pet, human face, favourite cars or plants.

Custom pet painting

Custom pet painting is still one of the most popular gifts for pet lovers! Let the artist to transform your friend’s pet photos into a minimal painting that was designed based on your preferred character style. It is a great way to capture the best moment and feeling from the photos into the painting.