10 Weird Dog Behaviours Explained

During the process of raising dogs, we often see them exhibit some strange behaviours. Today, let’s talk about the ten weird behaviours of dogs and see how much you know about them!

What are the 10 Weirdest Dog Behaviours

  1. Suddenly Rolling on the Ground

One moment they’re perfectly fine, and the next moment, your dog is rolling on the ground, maybe even playing with its own tail.

Explained: This behaviour is how dogs express their happiness and comfort. Don’t think they’ve gone crazy.

  1. Drinking Toilet Water

Drinking toilet water isn’t exclusive to cats; dogs can do it too.

Explained: When they see flowing water in the toilet, it piques their curiosity. When you’re not looking, they might sneak in a sip. Remember to keep the bathroom door closed.

  1. Digging After Pooping

After dogs relieve themselves outside, they might suddenly use their paws to dig the ground.

Explained: They don’t use a litter box, so why do they do this? It’s because they want to leave their mark and claim that spot as their territory.

  1. Following You to the Bathroom

Every time you go to the bathroom, your dog insists on being there with you. They’re not happy if you close the door, and they might even scratch at it.

Explained: This is because they want to protect you; they think going to the bathroom is a dangerous activity, and they want to make sure you’re safe.

  1. Sniffing the Groin Area

When you’re sitting down, your dog often comes over to sniff your groin area. Does it seem a bit unusual? In reality, your dog is trying to help by checking on your health.

Explained: Their sense of smell is highly sensitive, and if there’s something unusual, they might alert you.

  1. Pretending to Pee Without Urinating

This behaviour is common in male dogs. They have a strong territorial instinct and want to mark every place as their own.

Explained: When they can’t urinate anymore, they might lift a leg and pretend to pee.

  1. Raising Their Rear End Towards You

Some dogs suddenly raise their rear end towards you. You might think they’re about to fart, but it’s actually a sign of trust.

Explained: They are willing to expose their back to you because they trust you.

  1. Scooting Their Butts on the Ground

Sometimes, you might see dogs scooting their butts on the ground, which can be quite amusing.

Explained: However, this behaviour often indicates a physical problem, like a parasite infection or anal gland inflammation, causing discomfort. They do this to relieve the discomfort.

  1. Howling Like a Wolf

Dogs are descendants of wolves and still carry some wolf genes.

Explained: If your dog suddenly howls, it could be a throwback to their wolf ancestry, or it might be because they are feeling bored. Spend more time with them, take them for walks, and engage in interactive play to alleviate boredom.

  1. Hiding Food

Dogs hide food as a precaution, fearing that they might run out of food later.

Explained: It could also be due to a history of hunger, suggesting that you might forget to feed them regularly. Understanding these quirks can help you better care for and bond with your furry friend.

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