Dog-Friendly Campervan Travel Guide

Last week, we fulfilled our dream of travelling with my dog in a campervan. We embarked on a short journey from Perth, heading south. Today we are here to share some insights on traveling with pets in a campervan!

Renting a Campervan

There are quite a few options for pet-friendly campervan rentals in Australia. Some well-known ones include Britz and Apollo. We rented a campervan from Britz because it was especially affordable! The online booking cost us only $100 per day, but if you’re bringing a pet, you’ll need to add an extra $200 pet fee.


Australia offers a wide variety of campsite options, but when you have a dog, make sure to choose pet-friendly ones.

We opted for powered sites at well-known large campgrounds throughout the trip. Prices were around $40 per night.

Campgrounds like Big4 and G’day, which are part of reputable chains, offer excellent locations and facilities, including toilets, showers, laundry rooms, and more, so you won’t have any concerns. However, remember to book in advance, preferably with a slab site, as these can get very popular!

Powered sites have electricity, water sources, and a drain for wastewater at each location. It makes handwashing, showering, and cooking extremely convenient.

We didn’t camp in the wilderness, so we didn’t need to use the camper’s toilet.

Dog Supplies

You can bring your dog’s usual items, such as dog food, poop bags, a dog bed, and blankets. To minimise your dog’s discomfort, try to acclimate them gradually. Initially, we held my dog because that’s how we usually travel. Once she adapted, we placed her dog bed between the two front seats in the driver’s cabin.

While driving, she would naturally settle into her bed, and she even fell asleep on her own!

Many campgrounds only allow pets seasonally, so make sure to carefully read the guidelines online or confirm with the campground before your trip.

Throughout your stay, it’s important to keep your dog on a leash for their safety. Our dog adapted remarkably well to campground life, quickly understanding our routines.

Living in the great outdoors with our dog was an incredibly joyful experience. We can’t wait for the next adventure!

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