Australia Pet Travel and Transport Guide

Puppies under 12 weeks old need a “fit to fly” certificate from the vet, provided by the seller, stating that the pet is fit for air travel. A regular health certificate is not acceptable.

Dogs should fast for 6-8 hours before the flight. Don’t skip this, as it can be dangerous if they vomit, and additional cleaning fees may apply.

It’s best for dogs to fast, and booking a morning flight can help them go without food for a shorter time.

Before boarding

Before boarding, stretch your dog’s body and let them relieve themselves.

Water will be provided on the plane for small dogs.


Check-in is usually 3 hours before departure (check specific emails). You’ll need to fill out a form before takeoff with your dog’s details, and staff will check your dog’s health again.

Pick up

The pet pickup location may differ from the passenger pickup location, so make sure to check the specific address in your email. The pickup spots for Virgin and Qantas are different. Remember to bring a leash, your ID, some soft treats, wet wipes (for cleaning up accidents), and a dog crate or backpack.


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You can rent or buy a crate; we rented one as purchasing one that meets flight standards can be complicated.