How to choose the best pet insurance in Australia

Anyone with fur friends at home must have experienced the ordeal, especially in Australia, where a trip to the vet can cost a fortune, easily reaching thousands of dollars. But our furry friends at home are our babies, and when they are sick, can we really avoid seeking medical attention? We’d do whatever it takes to get them treated. That’s why we genuinely believe that pet insurance is a must-have for pet parents in Australia!

How to choose pet insurance in Australia – practical tips!

There are countless pet insurance options in the market, so I’ve compiled factors to consider when making a choice, hoping it can help you:

  • Choose a product that is simple and easy to understand at a glance. Those with a lot of fine print and conditions are more prone to pitfalls.
  • Opt for a policy with local Australian customer service. Dealing with an offshore call centre can be quite exhausting for everyone!
  • Clearly understand the annual claim limits and choose what suits your fur baby. Higher limits usually come with higher premiums.
  • Consider the claim percentage, which also tends to increase with higher premiums. Evaluate your own situation before making a decision.
  • Pay attention to excess or other fees. I personally chose a policy with a 0 excess since it’s an annual expense, and reducing out-of-pocket costs is always preferable, depending on your circumstances.
  • Understand what is included and excluded in the coverage. Each company will have items that are not covered.
  • Check the waiting period; shorter is generally better.
  • Feel free to consider this information and compare on your own.

We currently use Knose pet insurance, and we find their product structure straightforward. It clearly states what is covered, what isn’t, and how much we need to contribute. There’s minimal risk of falling into traps. Additionally, their customer service is local, providing a reassuring experience so far!