Adopting a Cat or Kitten From RSPCA

Are you thinking of adopting a cat or kitten from RSPCA? Today we are going to share our experience and take you through the steps!

Actually, we’ve been browsing online for a while, mainly checking the RSPCA official website.

Adopting a Cat or Kitten From RSPCA Checklist

Choose between kitten and cat

First, decide whether you want to adopt a kitten or an adult cat. You can choose between kitten and cat on the website. Since we had previous cat-raising experience, we directly chose a kitten this time.

Store visit

When selecting, you can see which store the kitten is located in and visit the store in person. It’s important to note that there are no reservations for any cat or pet, so you have to act quickly; otherwise, you might miss it! Lonsdale is their headquarters, with many options for kittens. However, stores like Petstock, Petbarn, Petdomain also collaborate with them, and each store only has a few, which are quickly adopted.

Things and documents you would need

The required documents and procedures are not complicated. Just bring a photo ID, which can be a driver’s license, passport, or age card. Sign other documents, and make sure to check the microchip number.

Our cat had the wrong chip number marked by RSPCA, causing a bit of confusion. They have received two vaccinations, been spayed, are familiar with basic litter use, and have friendly personalities.

Price and discounts

The standard price is $249, but for some reason, we got a special offer on that day, and it was only $150 for one!

Getting your starter pack!

They provide a starter pack, including milk powder, a manual, cat food, deworming medicine, wet cat food, a vaccination record book, and a blanket with a scent they like, to help them adapt to their new home quickly.

In summary, the adoption process for kittens from RSPCA is not complicated. If you see kittens you like, adopt them as soon as possible!