What does a new cat owner need to buy?

We’re writing this post in the hope of helping new cat parents and those who have recently adopted kittens! The basic supplies for a cat’s life, including eating, drinking, toileting, and sleeping, are all covered in this post to help you save money wisely.

So what does a new cat owner need to buy?

  1. Water and Food Bowls:
    You can use regular bowls for humans. For small kittens, you can use lower plates.

    Priority should be given to materials like stainless steel and ceramic, as plastic can harbour bacteria and is not easy to clean.

    If feeding dry food, it’s advisable to wash the bowls at least once a week. Daily cleaning is recommended, and if wet food is fed, it’s best to wash the bowls after each meal.
  2. Litter Box:
    It’s recommended to directly buy the largest size available! Clean it daily, and wash it at least once a month.

    If you use a litter bag, you can just replace it without washing it. Open-style with sand will be a bit more, while covered ones can reduce odour diffusion.

    Top-entry styles may be difficult for small kittens. Each style has its pros and cons, but a larger size is key!
  3. Cat Scratching Board/Tree:
    A scratching board is essential. Generally, more expensive ones will have fewer residues, but no scratching board doesn’t shed at all.

    A scratching tree can serve as both a bed and a scratching board. Make sure to buy a sturdy one and tighten the screws regularly. My big orange cat once collapsed a tree, it was terrifying!
  4. Cat Carrier/Airline Crate:
    Breathable! Appearance and transparency are secondary; it must be breathable and sturdy. It’s also advisable to directly buy the largest size to avoid replacement, especially for large breeds like Ragdolls or Maine Coons.
  5. Nail Clippers:
    Cheap ones are fine, just be careful not to cut the bloodline when trimming the nails.
  6. Toys:
    For toys like teasing wands, try to buy sturdy ones. They are consumables, so remember to store them properly after playtime to prevent small kittens from swallowing dangerous items like feathers or strings.
  7. And of course Cat litter and cat food!

These are essential supplies to ensure your new cat’s well-being and comfort in their new home.