Best Feeding Time and Schedule for Your Dog

Puppies generally can have 3-4 meals a day when they are between 2-6 months old. Feeding them smaller meals more frequently can aid digestion and absorption.

As the dog grows older, the number of meals can gradually decrease. Between 6-10 months old, you can feed them twice a day. I usually feed them after a half-hour walk in the morning and half an hour before the evening walk.

At one year of age, adult dogs can be fed once a day at a fixed time, either at lunch or after dinner. However, some adult dogs may have the habit of eating twice a day, which is also okay.

What time is best to feed a puppy

Best feeding time for 3 months and younger

For puppies who have just been weaned but are not yet 3 months old, they need to be fed 4-5 times a day, with each meal making them 70% full. Feed them every 4 hours, starting with breakfast at 6-7am and with a longer gap between the fourth meal and dinner. If you sleep late, you can give them their last meal at dawn.

Best feeding time for 4-6 months

For puppies aged 4-6 months, you don’t need to feed them as frequently. They should be fed 3 times a day and should be made 70-80% full each time. The correct schedule for a 4-6 month-old puppy is to have breakfast at 7-8am, lunch at 12-1pm, and dinner at 8-9pm.

Best feeding time for 6-12 months

Once your puppy is 6 months old but not yet a year old, you can feed them twice a day on a regular schedule. Give them breakfast at 7-8am and dinner at 7-8pm. After each meal, let them rest in their cage for half an hour before taking them out for a walk and to do their business outside to avoid accidents indoors.

Best feeding time for 24 months and older

Once your dog reaches adulthood, they only need to eat once a day. However, if they are very active and have a high level of physical activity, you can feed them twice a day. When feeding them once, do it at either 7-8am or 7-8pm. If you’re feeding them twice a day, do it at 7-8am and 7-8pm. Of course, the amount of food you give them each time should be sufficient to meet their body’s needs.

Feeding your dog once a day is appropriate if they have a lower level of physical activity. Be careful not to overfeed them, otherwise they may suffer from indigestion. However, for adult dogs, the feeding schedule still depends on their individual circumstances and level of activity, so feeding them 1-2 times a day is also acceptable.

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