How do I keep my indoor cat happy?

Tips for making indoor cats happy:

Fun toys:

Hanging fuzzy mice and laser pointers are toys that can even excite the laziest cats. Providing all-day toys that cats love can turn them into dancers and magicians.

Scratching posts:

Cats love to scratch things. This helps them trim their nails, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory. The best way to save your furniture is to provide plenty of approved items for them to scratch. Cat scratchers, cardboard boxes, and creatively designed “cat tracks” (a plastic channel with a scratching pad and a ball inside) are great choices.

Create a room with a view:

Windows are like TVs for cats. Placing a bird feeder near the window can entertain cats for a long time. If the window sill is not wide enough, you can make or buy a perch with a soft cushion to place on the sill. Make sure the window is secure, so the cat won’t accidentally fall off. Also, be careful not to let the curtains or blinds pose a hazard to the cat’s legs.

Make corridors enjoyable:

A closed porch or a window that extends outward can be a safe place for cats to interact with nature. If you have a fenced yard, another good option is to install a mesh on the fence and enclose the cats within your own yard.

Take your cat for a walk:

Yes, you can train your cat to go for a walk with a leash. However, make sure to use the lightest and recyclable leash available and attach it to a harness rather than a collar. Get your cat accustomed to wearing the harness indoors before taking it outside for an adventure.

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