Effective Methods to Calm Your Cat

We all know that cats can sometimes have abnormally low moods and vigorously scratch people around them when angry. When a cat feels fear and apprehension towards someone or something in its surroundings or outdoor space, the likelihood of this behaviour occurring is very high.

An angry cat can become very aggressive, so as a cat owner, you need to consider safety. The secret to calming down an infuriated cat is to make them feel comfortable and give them time and space to calm down.

Do not immediately approach and pet the cat, as you might get scratched or bitten. Your actions might be perceived as a threat rather than comfort, as the cat’s emotions are exceptionally heightened and unpredictable during this time. Alright, let’s dive into our topic!

Why Do Cats Get Angry, Depressed, and Scared?

Cats can become angry, depressed, and fearful if they are uncomfortable in certain places or situations. They may react unusually if they perceive a threat. Injury and illness can also be contributing factors. When cats want to be alone, almost everything annoys them.

These factors can easily provoke your pet:

  • Lack of food or water
  • Direct response to a dispute with another animal
  • Too forceful petting or playing with adults (or children)
  • Another cat in the household
  • Invasion of their personal space
  • Seeing or hearing something frightening, like the noise of a vacuum cleaner
  • Being confined to a cage, preventing free movement
  • Injury or illness

Among the types of aggression in cats and their reasons are as follows:

Aggressive play: This is most common in cats that are not socially active. In a home environment, it might occur when one cat is playing and another cat comes over to scratch or swipe. This behaviour can be seen as an attack, triggering an aggressive response from the cat.

Fear-induced aggression: This is caused by unfamiliar objects, sounds, or people. It happens across various age groups of cats.

Pet-induced aggression: When your pet overstimulates the cat, causing it to scratch or bite humans. This situation can occur.

Redirected aggression: This generally isn’t the owner’s responsibility. It occurs when a cat can’t identify the problem and directs its frustration towards the most familiar person or object. Aggression can also arise due to pain, territorial disputes, and protective instincts related to reproduction!

How to Calm Your Cat

How to Recognise if a Cat Is Angry

Why is my cat suddenly angry? Figuring out the trigger is halfway to success. If your cat is genuinely angry, check around for potential clues. The cat’s anger and frustration are likely caused by something in its environment.

Provide a Comfortable Environment

Offer toys that promote relaxation, such as placing soft blankets on their beds, to help your cat unwind. If fear is the cause of their anger, let the cat stay in a familiar and comfortable environment. They might want to spend some time in a quiet room.

Gentle Tone and Petting

How you communicate with an angry and unpredictable cat is essential. Using a soft tone can reduce your cat’s defensive stance towards you. Look for visual cues that make your cat appear less anxious and upset. Avoid responding to the cat’s anger with aggressive speech or body language. Consider petting the cat from a higher position (like a table). Your cat might feel safer since it won’t perceive threats from above, similar to the concept of building a house on a hilltop!

Give Your Cat Space

Cats are highly independent animals. While they enjoy interacting with humans, they still have a playful side, like hunters. When a cat starts to relax, it’s the best time to quiet them down. Once your cat begins to calm down, gently stroke its back. Initially, they might make harsh, hoarse sounds when you touch them. If that’s the case, give them more time to settle down.

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