What to look for in a supplement for your pet

Did you know pets have all the same issues as us — they get anxious, their bones ache, they have sensitive stomachs. Just like us. What do we do when we have those issues? We will often start by taking a daily supplement like a fish oil and probiotics. 

We sat down and spoke to Asha Dillon, Founder of Leadr Pet, on her tips and tricks on what to look for when purchasing a pet supplement.

Asha Dillon has almost a decade of experience working in vitamins and supplements as a product developer. She has formulated and launched more than 65 products for some of Australia’s leading health and vitamin brands. 

Asha, what should pet owners avoid in a pet supplement?

“When you’re looking for a new supplement for your pet, you have to look at the ingredients list. It’s important that there are no wheat products, preservatives, grains or additives. When it comes to the active ingredients, you need to have the clinically trialled active at the clinically trialled dose,” said Asha. “Some commonly used ingredients found in other pet supplements are ingredients such as soy, wheat, corn-meal and other wheat-based binders to help supplements stay in a ball or chew shape. Whilst these ingredients can be fine for some dogs, over-time they can cause inflammation. Gluten free supplements would be best to avoid this,” said Asha. 

“It is also important to avoid artificial flavourings, such as beef flavour, smokey beef flavour and other proteins which have been turned into an artificial flavour. It is best to look for supplements which use the animal protein as opposed to an artificial flavour.” 

So, what are some good ingredients or terms to look out for when buying pet supplements?


“Traditionally used in Hindu medicine and recently taken the world by storm, Ashwagandha, has become a household name in human supplements but it’s also used in pet supplements!  Ashwagandha helps reduce nervous tensions and mild anxiety. Look for organic and standardised extract, which has been clinically trialled to settle dogs with excitability, fear and anxiety.”


“A common house spice, turmeric has a proven effect on mild joint aches and pains and has been used for centuries dating back all the way to 500 BBC and can also help pets with the same ailments. Look out for human and nutraceutical grade when looking out for it in pet supplements.”

Omega 3s

“Omega 3s are often missing in the diet of cats and dogs (and salmon is expensive). This powerhouse nutrient helps with brain health, improves hair, skin and nails, mediates inflammation, and more.”

Coconut Oil 

“Yep, that’s right! This one isn’t ground-breaking because coconut oil has been used topically on humans and pets for skin and hair/fur health for years! It’s not uncommon for it to also be in pet supplements and is proven to improve your pets coat and help with keeping them shiny! “


“Glucosamine plays a vital role in building and repairing cartilage. It’s usually derived from shellfish, which has many negative impacts on the environment. Instead, look for a supplement with a vegan alternative that uses glucose derived from non-GMO corn. It’s better for your pet (who may have allergies) and miles better for the planet.”
“Most pet food and pet health brands use cheap, generic ingredients. Look for brands who are vegan or who use plant-based omegas and glucosamine as this means they will generally be suitable for pets with sensitive tummies.”

Thanks Asha for these great tips!

Asha created Leadr because she believes pets deserve the same level of healthcare as humans, and by using her knowledge and experience she could create a product alongside her team that works to lengthen and optimise the health of Aussie pets using clean, effective ingredients with sustainable practises at its core. 

Leadr products also use sustainable practices with the vitamins coming in recyclable, refillable packaging. Supplement prices start from just $55.00 AUD for dogs and $37.00 AUD for cats. For more information about Asha’s story, Leadr and the supplements, visit www.leadrpet.com

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