How to Toilet Train a Puppy?

It can be an exciting and unforgettable moment when you bring a new puppy home. You need to teach your puppy lots of things. You might notice that puppies pee a lot, so you start wondering how to toilet train a puppy? In this guide, we’ll help you how to house train your kittens. 

Steps for Making Your Puppy Toilet Trained

You need to follow the below-given steps if you’re wondering how to toilet train a puppy. 

  • When your puppies wake up, take them to the toilet immediately. Moreover, you need to take your pup to the toilet after eating or drinking. 
  • Specify a toilet area so that they can easily recognise and go there.
  • Once they pee in the toilet, reward them with treats and praise them. It will encourage them to use the bathroom every time. 
  • Try to take them to the toilet area after every two hours. 
  • If you want to keep the toilet training positive, show positive enforcement and don’t punish them if accidents take place.  
  • Stick to your routine, and soon your puppy will be toilet trained. 

How long will it take to toilet train a puppy?

Your puppy might take four to six weeks to become toilet trained. It also depends on other factors, such as age, their ability to learn, and pup size. Some puppies love to learn new things so that they might get trained in a few weeks, and some may take more time. So, the training time will vary according to your pup’s interest. 

How to identify your puppy needs to go to the toilet?

Pups show different signs to tell their owners that they need to visit the toilet. Some common signs are:

  • Squatting
  • Ground sniffing
  • Pacing and circling
  • Whining and barking
  • Search for corners

So, when your pups show these signs, take them to the toilet. 

Why is it important to toilet train a puppy?

It doesn’t matter whether your dog spends time inside or outside; you must have to toilet train your pet. When your puppy gets toilet trained, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can take your pup with you when you visit your friends and family members
  • You can trust your pets and allow them to spend time with you
  • They will not look for private places to pee
  • They’ll not spoil your traveling crates and cars
  • Your pup will not poop on the carpet

If they’re unable to control their pee or you see abnormal behaviors take them to the vet because it might be due to urinary tract or digestive issues. 

Things Required to Toilet Train Your Puppy

You need the following things for making your pup toilet trained. 

  • Puppy training crate
  • Toilet training pads
  • Stain and odor cleaner
  • Puppy pad holder
  • Pooper scooper

Final Words

Pet owners start asking how to toilet train a puppy as soon as they bring one home. Therefore, we have compiled this guide to answer this question. After reading this guide, you can easily toilet train your puppy.