Sniffspace: Australia’s Exclusive Private Dog Parks

Sniffspace is a local Australian website where you can reserve your own private dog park.

In community dog parks, there are often many dogs, and some dogs may not enjoy playing with unfamiliar dogs. To avoid potential conflicts between dogs or simply to enjoy some quality time alone with your dog, you can book a private dog park for 1-2 hours and allow your dog to relax in a peaceful environment.

Sniffspace – Things you need to know

Sniffspace is a relatively new website in Australia that connects dog owners with private properties (backyards or farms) available for rent, providing spaces for dogs to play.

The aim is to create a platform that allows dogs to get close to nature, explore new places, and enjoy undisturbed moments.

Currently, there are not many private dog parks available on the website. There are 23 registered private dog park locations on Sniffspace across Australia. Thirteen are in New South Wales, one in the Northern Territory, three in Victoria, one in South Australia, one in Tasmania, and two in Queensland.

We visited one of the private dog parks in Jimboomba, which is relatively close to Brisbane (approximately 30-60 minutes by car). The following information is based on that specific location, and other private dog parks may have slight variations.

On the Sniffspace website, you can select a time slot. The cost for 1 hour with two dogs is $30 AUD, and you can also invite doggy friends to join the playtime. Doggy friends receive a 50% discount, so the cost for 1 hour with two dogs would be $15 AUD. Therefore, if four dogs go together, the cost for 1 hour would be $45 AUD, and for 2 hours, it would be $90 AUD.

This private dog park in Jimboomba covers about 1 acre (approximately 4000 square meters) of lush trees providing shade, with a nice grassy area and various play facilities for dogs. The park also provides tables, benches for owners to rest, as well as poop bags, mosquito repellent, and mineral water.

The owner of the dog park has four dogs of her own, but she does not let them out during the reserved time slot. So, during your reservation, you and your dogs can enjoy exclusive use of the entire park.

The dog park is fully enclosed, but in the distance, there are some neighboring horses and a large goose that dogs can see.

This type of private dog park is also suitable for dogs that are sensitive to strangers. It usually operates on a contactless entry system, so you won’t directly meet the park owner.


  • Even though it’s a paid private dog park, remember to clean up after your dog.
  • Proof of vaccination for your dog is required when registering with Sniffspace.
  • A maximum of 10 dogs is allowed at one time.
  • It’s advisable to avoid visiting after rain, as there is a small trench inside the park that can accumulate water during rainy days.

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