How Long Does the Cat Live

We have all heard that cats have nine lives, but how many of them are true? Cats seem to escape death frequently, so how long can they live on average?

How Long Does the Cat Live

Typical house cats can live between 12 and 20 years, although it may be longer depending on the specific breed of the cat and other lifestyle factors. So, when you think of a cat’s lifespan, what things should you consider? Let’s discuss it thoroughly.

How long can domestic cats live?

Most cats are considered seniors from the age of ten. At this stage, your cat’s body begins to naturally decline. As your cat ages, it may develop skeletal and muscular issues such as arthritis and dental diseases.

Although it is not uncommon for cats to live close to 20 years or longer, you will need to provide specific accommodations for them after a while. They will need a more comfortable bed to support their joints and may require specialised diets to accommodate ageing.

How to calculate a cat’s age?

When your cat is one year old, they are equivalent to a 15-year-old human. In the second year, your cat will be 9 years older than a human. Every year after that is equivalent to four years for a human.

How long can a healthy cat live?

Like any species on Earth, health issues can affect a cat’s expected lifespan. Some problems are specific to the breed, indirect, or spontaneous.

Comparatively Long-lived Cats

Certain cat breeds have an unbelievable lifespan.

  • Burmese Cat

The lifespan of a Burmese cat ranges from 10-17 years. Burmese cats are beautiful with big eyes, a strong and agile body. The oldest known Burmese cat lived to be 35 years old.

  • Siamese Cat

The lifespan of a Siamese cat ranges from 15-20 years. Siamese cats are one of the only Asian cat breeds and have unique fur and blue eyes. The oldest known male Siamese cat was Scooter from Mansfield, Texas, who lived to be 30 years old.

  • Persian Cat

The lifespan of a Persian cat ranges from 10-17 years. Creme Puff, a Persian cat from Austin, Texas, holds the record for the oldest cat to have ever lived at 36 years old.

  • Nebelung Cat

The lifespan of a Nebelung cat ranges from 15-18 years. Although there are no known oldest Nebelung cats, they generally live longer than other breeds.

Short-lived Cats

Due to breeding, physical structure, and other factors, some breeds have a shorter lifespan than others. Let’s take a look at the average lifespan of these breeds:

  • Manx Cat

The lifespan of a Manx cat ranges from 8-14 years. No specific health issues cause Manx cats to have a shorter lifespan.

  • Munchkin Cat

The lifespan of a Munchkin cat ranges from 12-15 years. Due to bone problems in the breed, Munchkin cats have a shorter lifespan.

  • Maine Coon

The lifespan of a Maine Coon ranges from 10-14 years. Although Maine Coons are very strong and can withstand cold temperatures, their lifespan is still below average.

  • Japanese Bobtail Cat

The lifespan of a Japanese Bobtail cat ranges from 9-15 years. Japanese Bobtail cats do not have any muscle or bone problems in their tails, but their expected lifespan is relatively short.

Healthy Eating Habits

One thing to consider when taking care of a cat is its diet. Cats primarily eat a large amount of whole protein and are carnivorous, so their daily diet needs to be at least 30% protein. They also need healthy carbohydrates, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

It is recommended to feed your cat commercial dry kibble, but it lacks a lot of water content. Many cat owners mix wet food and dry food together to get the best of both worlds. Wet food can provide sufficient hydration, but it is not good for the cat’s teeth.

Food-related issues such as poor diet, lack of hydration, and overeating can lead to more serious problems.

Regular Vet Visits

Regular visits to the vet are important for your cat’s health. Vets can help identify and treat problems before they become too serious. It is recommended to take your cat to the vet at least once a year for a check-up.

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