How to Teach Your Dog to Play Dead

When many dogs are out for a walk, some of them may be seen showing off their “skills,” which attracts the attention of many people and makes them envious. However, you can also train your dog, such as training them to play dead. Let’s learn how to do it together.

Actually, when we say “play dead,” it’s simply making the dog lie down and stay still with a command. We don’t need to complicate this skill. You should have confidence in your dog and be patient. With enough practice, your dog will learn this skill.

How to Teach Your Dog to Play Dead

Before training your dog to play dead, you should first train them to lie down. Slowly move the treat downwards until the dog lies down, and use your other hand to assist in pressing them down. If the dog succeeds, give them praise and affection. If the dog becomes distracted and doesn’t follow through, start the process over. Whenever the dog is about to give up, give them the treat to encourage them to continue with the training.

Then, train the dog to lie down and stay in that position. Once they’ve learned to lie down, put a piece of dog treat in your hand and let the dog see it. Close your hand into a pistol shape, move it around the dog’s neck, and continue moving your wrist towards where you want the dog to lie down. The dog will follow the treat and end up in a lying position. At this point, make a sound like a gunshot, such as “bia,” and then give the dog the treat.

Usually, the dog will try to get up shortly after lying down. You need to let them know that this is not acceptable by holding them down. When they lie quietly without moving, give them a tasty reward.

Finally, you want to extend the amount of time the dog lies down. Give them the “lie down” command and let them stay in that position without moving for a longer period. Try gently nudging the dog with your foot to see if they will get up. If they do, tell them this is wrong and push them back down again. Repeat the process until the dog stays lying down without moving.

Remember to keep your movements gentle and slow so as not to scare the dog. Do this 3-5 times every day for 1-2 minutes each time, and after three to five days, your dog will have learned this skill through conditioned reflex. Be patient when training your dog and don’t exceed 30 minutes of training time per day, as the dog may become bored and uninterested if the training lasts too long.

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