How Many Hours Should a Puppy Sleep?

Puppies are always so adorable, with their small and fluffy bodies that are simply irresistible. They look especially cute when they are fast asleep. However, many people wonder why puppies seem to sleep all the time. Every time they see their little furry friends, they are either sleeping or dozing off. They may wonder whether it is healthy for a puppy to sleep so much and whether they should wake them up or not. So, how many hours a day should a puppy sleep to be considered normal?

How long do puppies sleep?

Puppies sleep for a longer duration compared to adult dogs, and they should sleep for around 18 to 20 hours a day. They usually sleep in intervals throughout the day, and it is normal for their bodies to twitch or jerk during sleep. This is not a sign of canine distemper or any neurological disorder caused by poisoning, as puppies also dream and may even “talk” in their sleep.

Dogs do not have a fixed sleep schedule and can sleep for 24 hours a day if they have the chance. However, they tend to have concentrated sleep patterns around midday and after midnight. The duration of their sleep also varies from day to day.

Also, did you know that when dogs sleep, they usually like to tuck their mouth under their hind legs? This is because a dog’s sense of smell is most acute, and they need to protect it. At the same time, they are alert to their surroundings and ready to react at any moment.

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