When Does a Puppy Lose their Teeth?

Our seven and a half months old, and all her teeth have grown in. She has no double-rowed teeth, and the entire teething process went smoothly without causing any destruction in the house or even chewing on the pad.

When Does a Puppy Lose their Teeth?

Just like human babies, puppies are born without teeth. Their first set of teeth grow in at around 3 to 4 weeks old. Around 4 to 5 months old, these teeth will start to fall out, making way for their permanent adult teeth. By 5 to 7 months old, all adult teeth will have appeared! However, this may vary depending on the breed of the dog.

Avoid Feeding Soft Foods for a Periods of Time

Puppy food is generally soft and small, while canned and freeze-dried foods are even softer. Only eating these types of foods for an extended period of time may not help puppies exercise their biting muscles and teeth, and they may also run the risk of double-rowed teeth! If their milk teeth don’t fall out smoothly, and their new teeth have already grown, it can cause double-rowed teeth, which may require a vet to extract or correct them. The importance of chewing cannot be overstated!

Avoid Over-Hard Chewing Snacks

Some people would recommend against feeding antlers or bones, which are hard chewing snacks. Apart from being nutritionally poor, hard snacks may cause a risk of tooth decay in dogs. The broken teeth will face the need for dental treatment, which can be very expensive.

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